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YNU COI Satellite Symposium 2015 Opening Report

On March 3rd in 2015, COI Satellite Symposium 2015 was held at Royal Park Hotel in Minatomirai area, Yokohama, by COI YNU Satellite. The theme was “The new urban space created by smart multimodal mobility”. Although it was busy time of yearend, the symposium was filled by sixty people and succeeded to be a place offering a good opportunity for presenting on-going research progress. We are so grateful for having such a lot of participants.

Mr. Yoichi Korehisa

* Mr. Yoichi Korehisa

In the first session, greeting speeches were made by two guests, Mr. Yoichi Korehisa, COI project leader of Kyusyu University, and Mr. Masaharu Sumikawa, visionary leader for COI Vision3. Then keynote speech was made by Prof. Fumihiko Nakamura, Institute of Urban Innovation, YNU, as a COI satellite leader. As research process reports, Prof. Rinichiro Taniguchi, Kyusyu University, made a speech titled “Smart mobility developed by an urban OS”, and three reseachers from Institute of Urban Innovation, Ryo Ariyoshi, Takanobu Nishioka and Norio Yoshimoto made reports on on-going research progress in fields of “transportation”, “urban environmental information” and “urban design”.

Mr. Masaharu Sumikawa

* Mr. Masaharu Sumikawa

In the second session, panel discussion was held by three panelists, Prof. Rinichiro Taniguchi, Prof. Satoru Sadohara and Associate Prof. Teppei Fujiwara from Institute of Urban Innovation, and Prof. Kazuhiro Kojima as a commentator, and Prof. Fumihiko Nakamura as a facilitator. It became a valuable program as there were interesting questions and comments from the floor.

Mr. Fumihiko Nakamura

* Mr. Fumihiko Nakamura

Mr. Fumihiko Nakamura