A hub for redesigning cities based on transportation-oriented platform

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Organization Chart

Research and development framework of Yokohama National University Satellite

Yokohama National University COI satellite is a part of Kyushu University satellite
which is central core agency of the research development team.
Each research unit which composes hub of "Creating Co-evolutional Social Systems (CESS)" cooperates and advances the research development.
In Yokohama National University COI satellite,
Y-GSA creates idea, IUEL upgrades the data base and TUEL embodies the idea.

Organization Chart

TUEL : Transportation and Urban Engineering Laboratory

TUEL focuses on road traffic.
The main theme of research is to plan and propose accessible transportation mode for all people based on the analysis of actual phenomenon in aspect of traffic engineering or urban planning.

IUEL : Information and Urban Engineering Laboratory

IUEL focuses on urban infrastructure planning and town development using GIS
for solving various urban environmental problems.
IUEL aims for the realization of the safe environment harmonized city.

Y-GSA : Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture

Y-GSA is a specialized architectural and urban design course in the Department of Architecture and Urban Culture. Various researchers inside and outside Yokohama National University join "opened studio"
and create unique studio. This studio is a hub of the architectural education for practicing social challenges.

CESS : Center for Co-Evolutional Social Systems

CESS composes five units.
General governmental hub unit has charge of operating and managing the central hub.
The others unit, “mobility unit of people and goods”, “energy mobility unit”, “information mobility unit”, "CPS-MP unit" , "innovation unit" , have charge of research development.
Moreover, CESS aims for the realization of social structure that makes the life of people rich and social base system that renew the mind of people in association with "TMS satellite" and "EMS satellite".